health coaching

Coaching is your support tool for a Happier Healthier Life.

Without good health, our bodies lack the energy and enthusiasm needed to do the things we love most. And things can spiral out of control – particularly as we grow older.

health coaching
health coaching doesn't have to be hard


It doesn't have to be hard or involve hours in the gym.

People are always surprised when they learn my age. Now in my sixth decade I enjoy an abundance of energy, an active lifestyle and a body I love. I have achieved this by integrating my 35 years of health and wellbeing study into my life. And I have distilled it down to following a few simple steps that whilst simple, have a profound effect.

Health Coaching

A few simple strategies will keep you feeling and looking fantastic.

Coach-client partnership is key. As your guide, I support you in turning lifestyle aspirations into attainable goals. I offer knowledge, confidence, and encouragement. Together, we are accountable for our progress. Making real lifestyle changes through forming healthy habits.

Strategies to look fantastic

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