Reclaiming The Health You Deserve

You can’t expect beauty on the outside, without focusing on beauty on the inside. Now is the time to rise, invoke your inner lioness and become a Healthier Happier You.

Susanne Ridolfi
passionate health coach, listener and speaker

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My mission is to inspire women to enjoy an abundance of energy and a deeper connection to the body they live in. The relationship you have with your body is the most important in life. Other relationships will come and go, but this one will stay with you.

My body & me

Reclaiming the HEALTH you deserve

My Body and Me will empower you along your path to better energy, inner radiance and the health you so deserve.

my body and me
coaching is your support tool


Coaching is your support tool for a Happier Healthier Life

Susanne is a promoter of self-responsibility in health. She leads by example through her own commitment to health and wellness. She encourages others to do what is right for their bodies. To listen within and give themselves the care that is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Neglecting our bodies has negative impacts on every aspect of our lives. To thrive as women, we must adopt a positive mindset and take care of our bodies.

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susanne ridolfi


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